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Did you spot a wasp nest at your house? Are you not sure whether its wasp nest or bee nest? Don’t worry; Pest Control Liverpool Services is here to help you.

Before we tell you how to handle a wasp invasion or a wasp nest, you must have ample information regarding wasps. What if you identified something else as a wasp? To make sure you’re informed well we have given detailed insights that will help you: –

  • Identify a Wasp
  • Deal With a Wasp Bite
  • What To Do When You see a wasp nest
  • And a lot more other things

Wasps are a common problem for people living here in Liverpool. The most significant risk they pose is the sting.

To some, the sting might be a pain for the short-term, but it might prove fatal for the people who are allergic. You can, by taking some necessary steps to prevent this from happening.

No, you don’t have to do anything. Just call the Pest Control Liverpool Services at 0151 541 6856 right now and get the best wasp removal company in Liverpool to fix this right away.

You may confuse wasps with other insects having the same stinging habits. However, it’s easy to spot one. Known for building nests in the eaves, near the decks, wasps can be very notorious. You can identify them at such places.

Sometimes the wasps may go unnoticed if they have built their nest in your attic. In such cases, you’ll notice them once the favourable season .i.e. spring arrives.



Queen Wasp

When the spring season arrives, the Queen wasps wake up from the hibernation. Warm weather and the longer days are favourable for the queen to build its nest. And as the temperature increases, more and more wasps start hatching.

The queen wasp plays a significant role in increasing the wasp population. Summers being the favourable season, the queen wasp lays eggs and takes care of its larvae until the larvae develop fully into worker wasps.

Once the worker wasps are mature enough, they look after the larvae and expand the nest to accommodate more workers, sounds impressive, right. But it’s not good if it’s happening somewhere around you.

If you are in the UK and specifically in Liverpool, you would know that wasps are most active during the summer.

Types of Wasps found in the UK

The most common types of wasps found in the UK are the German Wasp and Common Wasp. People here in the UK dislike these wasps the most because of their painful sting. The wasps have mixed yellow and black body which makes it easy to identify them.

Biggest Risk

You can call the female wasps as the most significant risk. If scared, they can sting you repeatedly, and it may be excruciating. If you want wasp control or looking for a wasp control company to prevent wasp stings, get in touch with Pest Control Liverpool Services

You can call us now at 0151 541 6856 and book our services.

When should I get Wasp Control done?

If you are in Liverpool or the suburbs, summers are the most favourable time to search for “wasp control near me” on the internet.

You’ll find wasps commonly in the areas where there’s food or drinks. And no one likes to get disturbed while enjoying, right? So, wasp control is necessary as soon as you spot one, no matter what.

Where can you detect Wasps?

Now that you have ample knowledge about wasps, you need to identify them. Although the wasps have a distinct black and yellow body, people still confuse it with hornets.

However, it’s easy to spot wasps in most of the cases. To name a few places wasps commonly build their nests in the attic, in the eaves, under the flat roofs, etc. If you notice a wasp passing through a hole repeatedly, there could be a nest there.

You can also find wasps in places where there are decaying food and dead remains of animals, which can lead to the spread of diseases.

How Does a Wasp Look Like?

With a usual length of about 15 to 20 mm, wasps can be easily identified by the black and yellow coloured abdomen. This distinctive colour makes it quite easy to identify them.

Also known as “Yellow Jackets,” wasps are present on the top of the food chain. You may not notice, but wasps feed on spiders and woodlice, which would have otherwise been a new hassle. Therefore, the wasp is known as the necessary evil.

What should you never do?

We have witnessed numerous cases where people while trying to deal with wasps on their own ended up being stung by them. We’ve heard some extreme cases where people were hospitalized due to anaphylactic shocks.

It simply pours down to one conclusion. You must never take up DIY methods to handle wasps at your home or any other place. It must be avoided if you have kids at your place. Whether the nest is at your roof, attic, or any place can potentially be dangerous if you handle it on your own.

At Pest Control Liverpool Serviceswe have one of the best professionals available in Liverpool. With an impressive track record and no causalities ever, we are one of the best wasp control company in Liverpool. Whether it’s a single nest or multiple, we know exactly how to deal with it.

What If a Wasp Stings Me?

If you are somehow stung by a wasp, there will be inflammation, usually itchy. Applying an anaesthetic lotion will ease the inflammation after some time. In case you are allergic to wasps, calling 999 would be the best option for immediate emergency care.

If sensitive areas such as mouth or throat have been affected with multiple stings, you must call for a doctor. Multiples stings can be persistent and painful.

Avoid Swatting

If you don’t want to regret something very bad, avoid swatting in case of a wasp bite. It will not do any good. Instead, it will trigger a chemical reaction, which in turn will attract more wasps.

Wasps Control Services & Treatment

You as a homeowner in Liverpool would never want to deal with those stingy wasps and nests, or would you? Pest Control Liverpool Services will help you deal with every wasp nest in your backyard, attic, roof, or other possible places.

Dealing with wasps is not a piece of cake. It’s tricky and dangerous, and that is the reason why you must hire experts like Pest Control Liverpool ServicesWe have trained professionals who always make sure that no one gets hurt.

When the risk is minimal, we prefer using industrial insecticide inside and around the wasp nest. We also make use of sprays suitable for indoor wasp infestation like the roofs and attics. The insecticide is one of the most effective and practical solutions that we professionals have access to.

Usually, it takes about 10-15 minutes for the insecticide to show its effect. The wasps will first grow weak and eventually die. Don’t worry about the stray wasps that will return to their shelter after some time. Those wasps will also die once they come in contact with the insecticide.

The time taken depends on how big is the nest and its number. Once the wasps die, we’ll remove the nests and reclaim your property from the invaders.



Wasps Control Cost

We always endeavour to provide the most amazing prices for wasp control in Liverpool. Our basic wasp control starts from as low as £75. However, this price is average. The final price can only be revealed once you talk to our executives.

But, worry not. We won’t let every overcharge you. Pest Control Liverpool Services is known for the most loyal and effective services in Liverpool. Call us right now at 0151 541 6856 if you want some free quotes.

Wasps Control FAQ

We have mentioned some commonly asked questions for your ease. If you have a very specific question to ask, please reach out to us at 01515416856. Our customer support team is more than ready to help you.

Can you help remove the wasps during the Corona Virus Lockdown?
Yes, BPCA has allowed pest controllers to continue the services and visit properties for the same.

Do you work with all types of Properties?
Yes, we work with both commercial and residential properties of all sorts.

What are your working hours?
We’re available for the people of Liverpool 24/7.

What is needed to book your services?
You need to use our Online Booking Request form to book our services.

Is the pest control safe for pregnant women?
Yes, we use the insecticides with minimal to no risk involved.

Is the pest treatment pet-friendly?

Do I have to be present at home when the wasp control is happening?
Not necessarily. You must tell us before leaving the house so that we can do our work accordingly.

What if I continue to see the wasps after the service?
Usually, wasps become more active after the treatment; it simply means the treatment is working. You must give some time to let it happen, and if the pest problem persists, we’ll offer free treatment.

Is it common to see corpses of insects after the treatment?
Yes, you should be happy to see that. It’s a sign of effective pest treatment.

What is the right time to book a wasp control service?
As quickly as you can.

Why Choose Pest Control Liverpool Services?

Despite so many pest control service providers out there in Liverpool, do you know why residents and business owners consider Pest Control Liverpool Services as the best wasp control company? Well, there are several reasons for that. We’ll help you find them.

Here are Your Benefits

BPCA Certified: The Pest Control Liverpool Services is BPCA or British Pest Control Association certified. It simply means we are qualified to deal with the pests and wasps. So, you can rely on us for our services.

Same Day Service: We, to the residents of Liverpool, offer same day service. We know how hard it may be for you to survive with those creepy wasps and pests. So, you can get relief the same day you call us.

Highly Trained and Industry Experienced: Pest Control Liverpool Services has one of the best professionally trained pest control team. We make use of harmless pesticide and efficient methods to provide you with the best results.

Late Night Appointments: in case you are too busy during the day, you can call us for late-night appointments as well.

Extensive Services: You would be very happy to know that wasp control is one of our many speculates. We are a full-service pest control company with numerous services to offer. Here are some of them: –

  • Rodent Pest Control
  • Bird Pest Control
  • Wasp Pest Control
  • Ant Treatment
  • Bed Bug Pest Control
  • Squirrel Control
  • Heat Treatment
  • Cockroach Pest Control
  • Dust Mites Control

Free Service within Guarantee: With us at Pest Control Liver Pool Services, you’ll get guaranteed results. In case if you notice wasps even after the treatment, you can call us for a free treatment within the guarantee period.

To know more about the guarantee period, please call us at 01515416856.


How Do I Book Your Services?

Pest Control Liverpool Services is a customer-centric company. We always make sure that you are not affected negatively in any way. And this is the reason why we have a pretty simple booking system.

You can visit here and find the online Booking Request Form. You can fill in the necessary details, upload the photos and you’re done booking. Yes, it’s that easy. And, if you need free quotes, you can follow the same procedure for the online quotes form.

If you are not comfortable with the online means, please call us at 01515416856 and let’s terminate the wasps.


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