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Pest Control Services in Liverpool

Pest Control Liverpool Services is a model company with a strong presence in Liverpool and the surrounding area. Finding ‘pest control near me‘ has never been easier!

We are the pest control company that helps you take over your home or business place from those rude and annoying invaders that are rats, mice, bedbugs, wasps, and the likes.

A pest infestation can be annoying as hell and inconvenient. The minute you discover that you have an infestation on your hands, waste no more time. Pests like birds, rats, mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, and so on can wreak serious havoc to your health and property. You mustn’t let them breed any further and call us right away.

Pest Control Liverpool Services

Services we offer:



  • Residential Pest Control

We offer pest control services in all residential areas around Liverpool. If pests are invading you home, call us on 0151 541 6856, and we’ll show up, armed to the teeth and fix the issue right away.

We have over ten years of industry experience in treating different kinds of pests that take over beds, furniture, kitchen cupboard, yard, garage, attic, and everywhere else.

We apply the best safety techniques such that you don’t necessarily have to leave your home while we address the issue. Your children, pets, and plants are also kept safe.

  • Pest Control Service for Business Premises

It’s an eyesore to see pests taking over your business. To show them who’s in charge, give us a call now! We’ll drive off all pests that can make you lose customers or even business partners. No longer will birds or wasps harass and scare your visitors away. Our experts will keep your office furniture, carpet, files, and other things intact with the use of safe and environmentally friendly chemicals. Plus, you won’t have to shut down your business place while we treat the area.

Yep, we meant all that!

Whether you want to eliminate pests from your home or business place, we at Pest Control Liverpool Services will tackle this problem head-on. We will provide deep cleaning services that give you the best result, and you won’t have to be bothered again. Following is a full list of all the pest control services that we render. Read on to learn more.


Pest Control Liverpool Services – a Full Overview

Bed bug Control

Are bed bugs giving you a hard time? Reclaim your precious furniture and beds from these parasites by letting us know about this right away.

Bed bugs are crawling pests that give a lot of trouble. They prefer to live in beds, couches, or clothing where they are well-positioned for their blood-sucking escapades.

Over the years, these creatures have developed resistance against many pesticides. This resistance and the fact that they’re expert hiders make them quite challenging to control. They also breed quickly, and within a short time of arrival in your home, they can take it over.

How do bed bugs get into your house?
The most common method is that they hitch a ride on your luggage and suitcases. When you visit a place that has bugs, they can follow you back home by staying in your luggage, purse, clothing, and even on your body. That’s how they spread from place to place.

The truth is that they’re not easy to control on your own. To avoid having to put in a lot of work and still end up nowhere at stopping these little vampires, give us a call to help you handle it.

Although they are hard to eradicate, we have our ways that work. We eradicate bed bugs from your home instantly and effectively. We’ll also give you tips on how to prevent such from happening again. For more information, read our Bed Bug Control services page.

Rat Pest Control

Rats are not just annoying because of their disturbing, squeaking sounds that can rid you of a perfect night’s sleep. Their destructive abilities make them even more difficult to deal with. Pest Control Liverpool Services can stop these creatures from burrowing into your wooden structures, eating your wires, shredding your books, and even chewing through mild steel in your home.

Rats love to enter houses to steal food. They can chip at your plastic storage to get cereals, fruits, and other food items. They need holes in your door or walls to enter. In the process, they eat away things that attempt to block their ways. Their droppings are also unsightly and can cause you a bad morning.

Perhaps, most crucial of all is their ability to contaminate your food. Rats’ saliva, urine, and droppings often contain harmful substances and spread deadly diseases. You mustn’t allow rats to breed in your homes and cause you so much damage.

Don’t let them destroy everything before you give us a call. We will ensure that they are eradicated, and preventive measures will be set up so that you won’t have to deal with rats anymore. For more information on Rat Pest Control services, click here.

Mice Pest Control

We offer thorough pest control services against mice that may want to invade your property. Mice, just like rats, can be destructive. They are bad news for businesses as they can cost you your reputation. They are mostly undesirable for kitchen areas because they can spread diseases by leaving their droppings on food.

These pests are better detected sooner than later because once they are many, there’s no telling what harm they can cause. From spreading illnesses like Salmonellosis to creating fire risks when they gnaw on wires, they can cost you an entire building!

The minute you notice even one of them scurrying around, take drastic steps to keep it from returning. If, however, they have become many, you have an infestation on your hands and must call on experts immediately. We offer same-day services to get rid of mice in your home and business place.

We look critically into the situation to determine how to prevent it from repeating itself.

Our staff members are helpful and ready to provide monitoring services even after the pests have been eliminated. Your health and safety is our priority. Visit our Mice Pest Control services page for more information.

Wasp Pest Control

No homeowner wants to have to deal with wasps, and rightfully so. It can be dangerous to take them on yourself. Wasps can go undiscovered for some time but can get very aggressive when their nests are disturbed.

A wasp’s sting is excruciating. But that’s the very least of the problems you can get from them. Their bites can be life-threatening for people who are allergic to stings. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that their nests don’t encroach into your home. And if it so happens that they’ve found their way in, then give us a call, and we’ll be right with you to remove them.

Wasps are not the same as bees. They have quite similar behaviours, though. Wasps prefer to build their nests in places such as inside your garage, under sheltered eaves, and in attics. They live in colonies with their queens emerging from hibernation by Spring. Worker wasps hatch as summer continues, and the colony is built.

It’s easier to get rid of them immediately when they are discovered. Call us to rescue your property from these stinging creatures. If they’re nesting around your business area, they may sting your customers. You run the risk of losing customers as they will be wary of coming to your office.

You also don’t want to have your business shutting down for a day or two because of wasp infestation. We have the expertise to deal with wasps safely without causing any harm to you or any of your loved ones. Visit our Wasp Pest Control services page for more information.

Bird Pest Control

Birds are adorable, but only if they stay in their circles. In homes and business areas, they can become troublesome and undesirable. Their droppings in the wrong places are unsightly, and they can be destructive too.

Pigeons and seagulls can cause a mess on your customer’s car by defecating on them. In entrances, these droppings can make people slip and fall. Birds can also get aggressive and attack humans when trying to protect their young. Some of the diseases that birds carry are Escherichia coli, Psittacosis, fungal infections, and others.

We will gladly help you find the best control measures against the birds. As always, we’re concerned first about your safety. We make sure that you don’t get exposed to the diseases that come through the infestation of birds, as well as the inconveniences they bring when they take a liking to a particular property.

Pigeons, especially, have abandoned their natural habitats in coasts to live among humans. They’re friendly, but still pests because of the damage they can cause. A bird infestation can cost you much, and fighting it early is the wise thing to do.

Don’t try to deal with it on your own, though. Call on us for fast and efficient pest control services to protect your property once and for all. For more detailed information, please visit our bird’s pest control services page.


Pest Control Liverpool Services

Why Choose Pest Control Liverpool Services?

The problem of pests is over once you report it to us. We have the following advantages that you can trust:

  • Highly trained industry experts

Our experts can handle the most stubborn infestations. This means you’ll get professionals that you can trust, and so, you’re assured of pest elimination.

  • Inspection and Prevention Services included in your package.

We’ll gladly inspect your property first and see the details of what we have to deal with before quoting your prices. We also offer prevention services to avoid any future infestation.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call-out.

If you need us urgently, we offer emergency services to deal with pests. The minute you can’t take it anymore, day or night, call us, and we’ll fix you up as soon as possible.

  • Super fast, efficient, and discreet services.

This means that you’ll get our topnotch kind of services. Our professionals are very kind, well mannered and understanding. You’ll explain, and we’ll listen. That’s what we’re here for.

  • Practical and Competitive Prices

We consistently offer excellent pest control services at competitive prices. We do not put you under unnecessary pressure by keeping hidden charges or asking you to pay for what you have not initially agreed to.

When we carry out the inspection, we always show you a transparent quote which covers the total cost, nothing hidden. We’re honest and considerate. That’s why you’ll love doing business with us.

Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered several frequently asked questions in order to tell you more about Pest Control Liverpool.

What do I need to do before you arrive in my home or business place?
Before our arrival on the day we’re to apply the treatment, you should store all food items away safely. Make sure they’re well covered. Also, remove clothes, children toys, books, and so on from the floor.

Does the pest control spray affect humans negatively?
Not at all. We make use of standard equipment and safe chemicals such that you don’t need to worry about your safety.

Are my plants and flowers going to die as a result of the spraying?
No, they won’t. The grass, flowers, and plants you cherish will not be negatively affected by the treatment. You can be sure of that.

Will I have to rewash every inch of my home after the treatment?
Not necessarily. Once the spray we use is dry, there’s no reason for you to wash elaborately. We usually apply the sprays only where needed, so you might not even have it in every room of your home or workplace.

Are the food items in my kitchen and store safe to eat after the treatment?
Food items are safe even after treatment as long as you keep them sealed and stacked away. The spray will not contaminate your food.

Do I need to sign a contract?
We don’t require that you sign a contract if we’re coming to spray your home. However, if you want, we can arrange a contract when we are coming for pest control on your commercial property.

Can I do DIY control instead of calling for professionals?
It’s not advised. There’s every likelihood that the situation will only grow worse. Except you work at a pest control company yourself, it’s better to report the issue to the experts. They will do a great job and leave no room for guesses.

Are my pets likely to be affected by the sprays?
No. Your pets are safe. The chemical used for the spray will not be allowed to touch them. After we’re gone, even if they inhale or ingest the chemical, they’ll only be able to do so in minimal amount and thus will not be harmed.

Will the pests return even after the spraying?
Pests are stubborn creatures. There’s a chance that after treatment, a few will return after some days. But the effect of the treatment will stay for a long time, and the returning pests will die shortly.

Do I have to leave my home when you’re administering the treatment?
No, you don’t. You can relax on your sofa or do anything else while we do our job. We do not allow you to stay in the same room while we treat, though. Also, depending on the pest we’re treating, we may ask you to leave for two or three hours.

Is it safe for an asthmatic patient to be around while you spray?
This is not advisable. But the person can return within 3-4 hours after we have completed the treatment.

Will the treatment spray stain my carpet?
Absolutely not. We use water-soluble sprays that won’t interfere with your carpet.

I’m pregnant. Is it safe that I stay on the premises while you apply the treatment?
It’s safe for you, but we won’t let you stay in the same room that we’re treating.

Does the treatment leave odours?
Sometimes, the chemicals leave odours behind. But that will be gone within a few hours.

Are there any questions we have not covered? You can just give us a call to ask. Phone us today to get a free consultation and answers to your questions. We’re available on 0151 541 6856 and are always excited to hear from you.

Pest Control Prices

As you’ll see, we offer the best services at the best prices. Our quotations are transparent. We always let you know what it’ll cost you before we begin work. Moreover, there are no hidden charges and no roping into paying extra.

For prices on pest control, we prefer to inspect your property before we give you the prices. That’s because it’s difficult to know the exact degree of the infestation from online. We can provide you estimates when you call, but the final costs will be determined when we arrive.

We’re Open for Business!

Phone us at the Pest Control Liverpool Services to deal with pests immediately. Call us on 0151 541 6856. You can, alternatively, just fill our booking form here. If you need anything to handle any pest-associated issue and you’re not exactly sure what you need, don’t fret, we are here to help you figure things out as soon as you call to explain.

To get a quote or arrange an inspection, you can phone us to connect with one of our experts. We have you covered all the way.

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