Pest Control – About Us

Pest Control Liverpool – About Us

Pest can be such a nuisance meaning they are capable of causing immense harm to humans as well as pets. They can not only cause illness and spread diseases, but they can also create heavy damage to property and electric wires which can lead to life-threatening hazards.

It’s the reason why Pest Control Liverpool Services is always so serious in terms of dealing with pest infestation and providing 100 per cent satisfaction.

Our company is certified, and crew members are professionally trained to handle every pest infestation that you may have. We always make sure to provide you with a custom or tailor-made plan to deal with pests.

The methods or procedures we use are environmentally friendly and humane. We always try to avert the risk by posing the minimum possible damage.

Whether its s commercial property or a residential building that needs pest control, Pest Control Liverpool Services is here to help you no matter what. We are flexible in our solutions and can offer a one-time service or a yearly contract depending on the situation.

Pest Control Liverpool Services is a full-service company supporting a huge range of pests for pest control. We are not limited to rats, mice, or cockroaches. Call us on 0151 541 6856 to know more. You can use our skills, exposure, and industry experience in your favour and lead a life free from pests.

Use our booking request form to book our services or call us on 0151 541 6856. 

Our History 

The Pest Control Liverpool Services has been trading for over 10 years. Two friends started the company with one aim, and that was to make Liverpool free from pest infestation at all costs. This seemed pretty unachievable in the beginning, but with each passing year, we became successful and very effective in our solutions.

Starting from a two-cabin office, we’ve grown and come a long way. Whenever someone needs pest control services or searches for “pest control near me,” Pest Control Liverpool Services always shows up to help them out.

Our Goal 

Every organization must define goals that not only lead the company but also our loyal customers to success. And, at the Pest Control Liverpool Services, we’ve clearly defined our goals, which has made us one of the fastest-growing Pest Control Company in Liverpool.

Our goal is to become the top pest control services provider in England. And we’re going in the right way as we’ve become one of the best in Liverpool. The goals we want to achieve may be big, however with the dedication of our team we’ll reach there pretty soon.

The combined effort of our trained professionals and our core values is only going to help us reach the zenith. Our core values help us remain on the same page as our employees. It clears the foggy picture of what we want to achieve and how we can do that.

Our Mission Towards People of Liverpool

Our mission towards the people of Liverpool is to deliver the best services with a hundred per cent customer satisfaction regardless of how big the project is. We want to ensure that you’re happy no matter what.

And, for achieving the above, we lay stress on following a very well-planned approach. We have a three-phase process that’s the reason behind our success: –

  • Preparation: – Before we could start with any of the pest control projects, we make sure to prepare well. This includes our professional team and required equipment. We always check whether or not our professionals are skilled enough to handle the job.

Doing this helps us ensure that there’s no pest that our technicians cannot identify and every job stays in our reach.

  • Implementation: We always ensure that every job our staff does is with the highest possible quality. We always want customers returning to our company for any pest related issues, which is one of the reasons for our growth and efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction: This phase is to ensure that everything is done as per your demand. If you’re not happy with our service, this means we’ve left something. To prevent this from happening, we always check with our customers and ask for the feedback.

At Pest Control Liverpool Services, we know how hard it could be to survive with the pests. Sometimes even a single night becomes difficult to pass. Therefore, we offer emergency pest control services in Liverpool. You can call us on 0151 541 6856 and state your problem; we’ll reach there ASAP.

Our Core Company Values

  • Reach Every Customer: We serve the Liverpool region for the pest control services of every type. And, we want to expand our reach to every customer not only just in Liverpool but to the neighbouring regions as well.

This will bring us to our goal of becoming the best company in England.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: reaching 100% satisfaction is one of the most important core values of our company. Customers mean a lot to us. And, keeping customer satisfaction as our top priority has helped us become one of people’s favourite pest control brand in Liverpool
  • Unmatchable Quality: Amid the rising competition, we had to devise a practical solution to stay ahead. The solution is delivering a quality that is second to none.

Whether it’s the products we use or the solutions we provide, we always try to give our best in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Provide Most Varied Services: We care for the residents of Liverpool and don’t want them to wander here and there for different services. Therefore, we have made all the pest control services available in one place. And that is at Pest Control Liverpool Services.
  • Whether its rats, mice, wasps, birds, pigeons, beetle, bees or any other pest, you just need to dial our number 0151 541 6856 and describe the problem, we’ll make sure that you’re served well.
  • Create a Pest-Free Liverpool: We at Pest Control Liverpool Services move forward with one aim, and that is a Pest-Free Liverpool. Our professionals are trained and skilled enough to make that happen.

Whenever we take on a project, we ensure permanent treatment so that pests never return and go back to their natural habitat.

Why Choose Pest Control Liverpool Services?

On searching for pest control Liverpool or pest control services, you’ll find numerous companies which you can choose from. But, will you compromise with quality or risk your property by handling it to someone inexperienced?

Obviously not. People here in Liverpool are very smart. They always choose the quality over lower prices. It’s the reason why Pest Control Liverpool Services is one of the fastest-growing companies in Liverpool.

Whether it is a commercial building or your house, people always choose us for every kind of pest infestation.

Here are some benefits of choosing us: –

Attention to Details: One of our most amazing benefit that you can enjoy is our attention to detail. If you call us for a wasp control, we’ll make sure to look for every nook and cranny of your property for wasps or other possible pests.

This helps us treat the problem effectively, and the customer feels satisfied as well.

Speedy Services: Pest Control Liverpool Services knows the importance of time. We know how busy you could be. Therefore, we offer speedy services which can save you a tremendous amount of time. Speedy service never means we’ll rush out through the process. We will take care of all the things so that you don’t suffer.

BPCA Certified: Pest Control Liverpool Services is certified by the BPCA or British Pest Control Association. It simply means we’re legally allowed to handle all pest related projects within the Liverpool region.

So, your property and you will be in very safe hands. Moreover, our staff members are professionally trained, so there’s no chance of a risk for you. Call us now at 0151 541 6856 and book our services.

Emergency Service/ Same Day Service: We’re aware that in certain cases you may want immediate service. Well, with us everything is possible. If you need emergency service, you can simply inform our on-call agent about your scenario, and we’ll reach out to you ASAP.

It may cost you a bit but it is totally worth it.

Experienced Staff: We know how important it is to offer the best in class services. This has been possible because of the professional team that is engrossed with industry experience. So, your pest control will be done with perfection.

Eco-Friendly Treatment: Our services are humane and environmentally friendly. We, just like you care for the environment and make sure to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment to negligible. So, you can rely on us.

Best Pricing: You’ll get one of the most competitive pricing with us at Pest Control Liverpool Services. These services will act as a solution to your problems and won’t burden your pocket much.

Supporting a wide range of services: We at Pest Control Liverpool Services are a full-service pest control company and support a wide range of services. We would never want people of Liverpool switching companies for pest control. You’ll get everything with us. Here are some services: –

  • Bird Pest Control
  • Dust Mites Control
  • Squirrel Control
  • Rat & Mice, Rodent Pest Control
  • Bed Bug Pest Control
  • Cockroach Pest Control
  • Heat Treatment
  • Wasp Pest Control
  • Ant Treatment

Pest Control Prices

When talking of pest control prices, we at Pest Control Liverpool Services offer some of the most competitive prices. We being a known brand in the pest control services industry, never overcharge our customers. Here is a list of some average prices for common pest services: –

  • Bed Bugs Control  £ 180
  • Rat Pest Control    £ 160
  • Mice Pest Control  £ 155
  • Wasp Pest Control £ 85

Please keep in mind that the above prices are average, the final amount may vary with: –

  • Degree of Infestation
  • Work Required
  • Treatment Required

You can either call us or share details using our online booking request form for more accurate pricing.

Pest Control FAQ

  • How much time does it take your technician to reach my place?

If you’re staying in Liverpool, it won’t take much time to reach out to your place. We’ll most probably reach within 2 hours or so.

  • Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, we do offer emergency service to the public of Liverpool. This is one of the fastest ways to deal with pest infestation. If you call us on time, we’ll provide a solution within 24 hours of calling.

  • Can you help with pigeon control?

Definitely, we have a dedicated staff to deal with bird pest control.

  • What kinds of pests do you deal with?

We at Pest Control Liverpool Services deal with almost every kind of pests ranging from bed bugs, rats and mice to wasps and birds of all types.

  • I cannot identify the pest; can you do that for me?

Yes. It’s a common scenario where customers are unable to find the type of pests. In such cases, you can send us pictures using our online booking request form. Our field experts will let you know the pest type and will deal accordingly.

  • Are you certified?

Yes, Pest Control Liverpool Services is certified by the British Pest Control Association or BPCA. So, you can rely on us.

  • How Do I Book Your Services?

It’s easy. You can use our booking request form, fill in the asked details, submit the form, and you’re done. Or, you can call us directly and book whatever service you may need.

  • Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, we do offer guaranteed services. However, it varies with what service you ask for. For deeper insights, you can call us on 0151 541 6856.

  • What if I notice the pests again?

This usually never happens. In case you notice pests within the guarantee period, you can call the Pest Control Liverpool Services and enjoy the free treatment.

If you have something specific to ask from the Pest Control Liverpool Services, you can use our online booking request form or call us at 0151 541 6856. We’re ever ready to help you out and make your property pest-free.

Contact Us:

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