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In order to effectively control a pest, it is crucial to understand its behaviors—this section details information about the mice. You’ll better understand what kind of animal you’re dealing with and know the first steps in temporarily controlling them before we arrive for full treatment.

Mice thrive best in an area where there’s a food source. Once mice make themselves welcome in your home or office, they can get very difficult to kick out. They, being nocturnal, prefer to begin hunting after sunset. They leave their nests every day to search for food and water but avoid wandering too far away.



They are colored brownish-grey and have lighter colored undersides. They reproduce fast, having as many as seven to eight litters in a year. One liter is about four to sixteen in size. It takes their young eight to twelve weeks to fully mature. 

Mice will come to your environment no matter how high quality your hygiene is. Although poor sanitation does attract them, as long as there’s food where you are, they’ll come to you. They prefer to live in urban areas where there are many people. At night, they forage the dustbins and garbage sites to find food. They sometimes damage waste paper baskets in their quest, making a mess. 

They also scurry over dirty plates to pick up cereals, leaving disease trails. It’s no surprise to find out that they’re excellent climbers. They live on the ground and nest in burrows. They have smaller footprints than rats and build urine pillars.

About Mice Pest Control

Mice pest control requires tactics. Experts know where to look to find mice and how to trap them. Controlling them is crucial to avoid destruction to your goods and structures. They tend to chew on wood, wires, and even mild steel. 

How do Mice get into People’s Homes and Business premises?

Many times, mice find their way into a building while it’s still under construction. At other times, they enter the house through open doors, holes in walls, windows and doors, and open pipes. Occasionally, they can hitchhike in cartons that contain goods you’ve bought. 

Dangers of Living with Mice

Certain dangers are associated with having mice around. These are:

Contamination of food
Mice are known to contaminate food materials by leaving their urine and droppings on them. They render the food unsafe. It is risky to consume foods that have already been touched by mice. 

Destruction of books, clothes, and wood
Mice are notorious for eating paper and wood. Sometimes, they leave their urine on clothes and stain them forever. They also contaminate these materials by leaving harmful bacteria on them. 

Because they visit dirty places like garbage bins, sewers, and bushes, mice tend to carry these germs in their little feet. They drop the germs on food and other items, making them unsafe for use.

Spreading of disease
Because of their notorious tendency to spread diseases, mice are undesirable in homes and offices. They can make people sick, and in some cases, the diseases they spread are incurable. 

Destruction of electrical wires
Mice are destructive, and their penchant for chewing on electrical wires makes them particularly dangerous. That’s because they can cause fire hazards by chewing on and exposing the wires. They can also disrupt the normal flow of electricity and put residents at risk of electric shock or even electrocution.

Destruction of sewers
Mice also destroy sewers by chewing on pipes. This can be very distressing and expensive to repair, especially when there are extensive damages.


Pest Control Liverpool Services

Mice Detection

There are signs you can observe to find out if you have a mice infestation in your home, office, or warehouse.

The mice themselves
Have you seen a mouse or two running around the corners of your room? Then, there’s a likelihood that there are many more. There might be an entire clan in your home. The best sign of a mice infestation is the mouse itself.

Their droppings (because they always leave it behind)
Unlike some other pests whose droppings aren’t always seen, mice droppings are always available in the places they visit. You can check your wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves, and room corners to see if there are mice droppings. Their droppings are black and shaped like rice grains.

Damage to your goods’ packaging
If the packaging of your stored goods bears teeth marks, you might have rats visiting the place when you’re not there.

Gnaw marks on wood
Gnaw marks on the wood are another good sign to detect mice. They tend to chew wood to create a passage for themselves and control their ever-growing teeth.

Mice nest
Their nests are made with soft, shredded materials such as paper. Find if you notice these around your home or building.

Scurrying noises
When hunting for food, mice try to be as quiet as possible, but in effect, they’re loud creatures. Their scurrying makes noise, and at night, you can hear them squeaking.

Urine pillars
If you notice urine pillars in your home, you definitely have a number of them around, so call us for help immediately.

Their smell
Mice have a characteristic smell that accompanies their presence. If you notice this, don’t fret. Do more observations and let us know!



Mice Control Services and Treatment

We give high-quality control and treatment services against mouse infestation. When we have received your call, our mice control company will swing into action immediately. Here’s how.

  • Quick Response and Survey

We’ll respond quickly and show up as soon as you want us to. A survey will be carried out by our experts to understand the full extent of the infestation. This will help us arrange the kind of treatment method we’ll be using. We’ll discuss it all with you in detail and help you understand how you can assist us in making the treatment most effective.

  • Thorough Treatment (warranty included)

We use treatment methods that are safe for you, your children, pets, and any other thing that’s not a pest. Our treatment comes with a warranty of three months, in which you’ll not be charged for a callback during that time. Our experts know where to look to find mice nests, how to dislodge them, and force them off your property. 

  • Follow-up and Detailed Reporting

We’ll continue to follow up with you. We’ll also provide detailed reports on the infestation situation and let you know what you must do to protect your home in the future. We’ll gladly answer your questions or queries as we have over 10 years of indestry expreince and top company that comes on ‘mice control near me‘ searches online.

How to Prevent Mice from Infesting your Property

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Cheaper too. You should do everything to avoid having mice make their home in yours. To make sure of that, here are a few things you can do.

  • Keep your garden trim to prevent giving them nesting sites. 

Overgrown gardens are places where mice can hide. You should keep your plants and gardens short.

  • Maintain good hygiene. 

Avoid leaving the garbage outside without disposing of it properly, as this can attract mice to your home. Also, do the dishes before you go to bed, so you don’t risk the mice licking on them for you.

  • Always close doors and windows properly. 

Mice take opportunities of open doors to enter a house. Ensure you don’t leave your door or window open without protection.

  • Block all holes around your house. 

When you notice a hole in any part of your house, block it to keep out mice and other pests. Remember, many of them are opportunistic. You must not give them an opportunity to come into your home

  • Report all cases immediately. 

Once you realize you have an infestation, report it immediately and let us take it from there. Don’t try to do it on your own; it will most likely not work out.

Mice Pest Control Cost

The cost of mice control that we offer is flexible and depends largely on the intensity of the infestation and how large your property is. If you’re treating a single room, the cost will be different from if we have to handle an entire building. 

When we come to inspect your property, we’ll do a thorough survey and let you know what it’ll cost. You can rest assured that we’ll never con you into paying any hidden charges. We respect your time and won’t toy with it.

Mice Pest Control FAQs

To further provide you with information you need on mice pest control, we have answered some frequently asked questions below.

  • Can cats control mice?

Cats can definitely hunt mice, but they’re barely enough as a form of control, especially in a situation of infestation. Particularly, it’s less likely that your pets will be able to kill as many mice as are needed to keep them from multiplying fast.

  • How do mice enter a building?

Mice enter a building by coming through holes in the doors or walls. Mice also enter when people carelessly leave their doors open and their windows unshut. Broken and open pipes are also another way to let mice in.

  • Can’t I just poison the mice?

Poisoning a mouse can cause you more problems than you bargained for. When a mouse eats the poison, it scurries away to find other food for the night. 

The poison may begin to affect it when it’s still in the house, and then it’ll die inside your wall or somewhere similarly inconspicuous. The carcass will begin to decay and cause unbearably disturbing smell until it’s wholly disintegrated and turned to dust. That’s not something you want to deal with.

  • Can plants like lavender and clover kill mice?

Yes, they can. Indeed, these plants are poisonous to mice, but that does not make them useful for effective control during an infestation.

  • It’s distressing for me to see a mouse in a trap, what other methods are there?

We have other treatment methods for handling mice that won’t be distressing for you. We understand that it can be rather disturbing to see those little creatures spilling blood from a trap. 

  • Is your mice treatment method safe for my pets?

All the treatment methods that we use are safe for your household pets. None of your pets will be harmed from our treatment.

  • Do I have to vacate my house when you’re treating?

No, you don’t have to. In peculiar cases, however, we’ll let you know well ahead if a vacation is necessary. But most times, it’s not.

  • Do mice ever leave on their own?

They never do. As long as there’s food in your house, the mice will stay for as long as they can throughout their lifespan.

  • How often should I get mice pest control treatment?

You can call us as often as required. Whatever your schedule is, you must ensure that it’s not too far apart. You can talk to our experts about this to get full information peculiar to you.

  • Does your treatment have a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 3-month warranty on our treatment. If you require us to come back within those three months, you won’t be charged for the services we render.

  • What’s the difference between a mouse and a rat?

A rat is often confused with a mouse, but they’re different. A rat has various features and is easily differentiated by its larger feet and head. We discussed this thoroughly in our article on rat pest control.

  • How can I prevent mice problems?

Preventing mice problems involved keeping proper hygiene and making sure there are no holes in your building. It also involves calling experts when there’s an infestation.

  • Do mice bite?

Mice are not known to bite humans except when they’re attacked. Even that is rare. Whenever it happens, their bites are not directly poisonous.

  • Do you offer emergency services and weekend call-outs?

Yes, we do. If you need us to show up at yours within the day, let us know by giving us a call. We never disappoint.

  • Can I consume food that a mouse has touched?

You’re not advised to do so. Mice spread dangerous foodborne diseases and harmful bacteria that can cause you to fall very ill.

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