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Birds look beautiful, but on trees. No one likes them nesting in their residential homes or business premises. Are you facing the problems of bird droppings, especially pigeons, in your area in Liverpool? If you are, call us right away on 0151 541 6856.

Finding someone to help you with bird control is not an easy task. There are numerous companies in Liverpool offering similar services. However, if you need the best and fastest relief, you must refer to Pest Control Liverpool Services.

We’re one of the best pest control companies in Liverpool with Bird Control being one of our many specialities. Whether you need bird netting, bird wire or solar panel proofing, call us at 0151 541 6856, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Is Bird Control Necessary?

Do you know why bird control is necessary, and why should it be immediately done? Here are some reasons that’ll help you know the necessity of bird control:-

Disease-Causing Birds

Birds are behind transmitting and carrying severe diseases not only among themselves but to humans too. Some examples may include Ornithosis, Listeria, and Escherichia Coli etc. You might not have heard about these diseases, but they can be dangerous.

The pigeon dropping dries after some time. It becomes airborne and can be the reason behind some respiratory issues such as Psittacosis. So, you should get pigeon pest control as soon as you can.

Here is a very insightful list of information regarding the diseases these birds cause: –

  • Salmonellosis
  • Erysipelas
  • Campylobacter
  • Chlamydiosis
  • Cryptococcosis

The droppings and the bird nests will lead to: –

  1. Biscuit Beetle
  2. Larder Beetle
  3. Varied Carpet Beetle
  4. Yellow Mealworm Beetle
  5. Spider Beetles
  6. Case-bearing Clothes Moth
  7. Fur Beetle
  8. Brown House Moth

Corrosion Due To Droppings

The birds are not limited to the diseases they carry. The droppings being acidic can corrode metals, brickwork on the roof, stonework and even insulation material etc.


If you have moved to a place that was vacant from the past few years, you’ll probably find the nesting material in toilets, chimneys, gutters etc. This is all due to the birds. The nesting material slowly accumulates in all the available space and blocks the outlets, creating vast and costly problems for you.

Bad Odor

Repeated fouling can lead to a bad smell that lingers all around the place. And, if you have a place to rent which is affected by the bad odour, you might want to drop the idea.

Tenants will say no in the first go. It portrays a bad image in front of your potential buyers or tenants. So, look for a bird control company like the Pest Control Liverpool Services, and get effective pigeon control done at your premises by experts.

Miscellaneous Problems

Some other problems may include parasites (bloodsucking) like ticks, fleas, mites and sometimes cockroaches. The parasites could cause real problems for both humans as well as pets if you have any.

So, it’s time to reach out to us at 0151 541 6856 and let’s deal with those filthy birds. We’ll offer numerous bird control measures and techniques to protect your building as well as your family from the effect of such birds.

Bird and Pigeon Detection

It’s not hard to spot pigeons. For a wood pigeon infestation, you can simply look at trees or other outdoor places. But when it comes to feral pigeons, they like high buildings. It simply means Liverpool City Center presents ideal conditions for the pigeons to infest.

The nests, for your identification, are usually made from twigs, grass or other items these birds scavenge. Even though the peak period for pigeon breeding is from March and July, it still breeds throughout the year.

Each clutch usually has two eggs and takes about 19 days for incubation. A pigeon takes a little more than a month when a pigeon is ready for laying the next batch of eggs.

There may be up to 9 pigeon offsprings every year. So, you can make out that the pigeons expand their community pretty fast. This is not at all fascinating as it’s only going to add to your pigeon related problems.


Why has Pigeon Population Increased in Liverpool?

These days it’s common to see pigeons everywhere in Liverpool. Every homeowner who hasn’t taken effective measures is aware of their menace. Being superior from those rodents and other inspects, pigeons are still capable of causing a hassle.

The most common, feral pigeon came from the coastal habitat in search of a more comfortable lifestyle. And guess what? Liverpool offers a pretty convenient place for them to mate, breed, incubate and grow.

This habitat is safer for them as compared to the wildlife one. Also, the availability of ample food makes it even more convenient for them to flourish. These creatures can even feed on craps which is the reason their population is on the rise.

In case you have dogs or cats at your place, and there is a pigeon invasion too, you must go for pigeon pest control. However, you don’t have to search for “bird control near me” on the web as you have a home company to serve you. Pest Control Liverpool Services can help you protect your place from pigeons.

Birds Control Services & Treatment

Finding bird Control Company for pigeon pest control, especially in Liverpool, can be hard if you want the best. There are numerous options available. However, you can go with Pest Control Liverpool Services, if you’re looking for one of the best service providers.

Whether its bird control or pigeon pest control, we have experts for everything you may need. Our professionals make sure to offer the best services at the most effective prices.

Here are some solutions you can expect from our team: –

Bird Wire

Using the Bird wire system undoubtedly is the best anti-perching system in the entire UK, especially in Liverpool. If you want to protect the ledges of your building from feral pigeons or seagulls, bird wire is a great choice to make.

Nylon coated steel wire which is spring-tensioned and steel posts are majorly used in this system. It’s quite efficient as well as effective if you don’t like those feral pigeons.

The installation procedure is pretty easy. Even the steel posts are available in different sizes, and the split nails can be fitted into the window reveals. So, you can invest your money with this if you need an effective solution. Call us now on 0151 541 6856.

Benefits of Bird wire: –

  • Cost-Effective
  • Good At Local Scale
  • Easy installation
  • Works Well

Bird Netting

Another popular and effective solution is Bird Netting. People in Liverpool consider it as the best solution for High-level pressure areas providing a long-lasting solution that works well. A 2mm perimeter straining cable made of stainless steel is used to craft the bird netting.

Professionals at Pest Control Liverpool Services make use of a wire strainer to increase the tension on the wire and fix the net using high-quality bolts. The bolts we use are heavy duty and prevent abnormal bending of the net.

We usually use ultra-violet stabilized polythene knotted wire for bird net construction. And as a result, what you get is a perfectly strained high-quality bird net. Moreover, our bird net being inert and rot free provide resistance from numerous weather conditions.

Bird nets are way more effective than the bird wires and are available in four mesh sizes. Pest Control Liverpool Service also offers a range of colours to suit your surrounding the best. These bird nets offer protection from a range of birds and prevent gaps from appearing.

Benefits of Bird netting: –

  • Better than Bird Wire
  • Long-Lasting
  • Wide Protection
  • Different Sizes & Colors available
  • Easy To Install

Bird Spikes or Points

When you have a heavy infestation and need more powerful and robust protection, you can resort to Bird Spikes. It eliminates the need for multiple wires as angled wires serve the same purpose.

We prefer a dense pattern of angled spikes that not only prevents the pigeons from landing but shoos them away without hurting. The Bird Point system is suited for both seagulls and pigeons.

There are three types of spikes available for this purpose. The types are: –

  • Single Spot
  • Double Spot
  • Angular Triple Point

These spikes are pretty effective and a long term solution. We lock the spikes from underneath, which prevents them from coming out. These spikes are not too wide, which allows them to fit in comfortably within the stonework or other structures.

Solar Panel Proofing

You might have heard of high pressure or low-pressure bird activity. Does that confuse you? Well, it’s used to measure bird activity. Here are different levels indicating different levels of bird activity: –

  • Low Level: The areas where there is scarce pigeon or bird activity is termed as low level.
  • Medium Level: If at a place pigeons have been roosting from quite a long time and regular food is available, it’s known as a medium level infestation.
  • High Level: The areas with high pigeon activity like roosting, nesting and rearing is noticed are termed as high-pressure areas.

Nets or netting is the best solution for solar panel proofing. The bird nets are specially designed for pigeon pest control and bird control. Pest Control Liverpool Services, as per your convenience, will help you install everything with ease.

Nets with spikes as well as mesh are available. It depends mostly on what you need. People here in Liverpool usually prefer a net made of stainless steel that proves to be non-corrosive and a long-lasting solution.

If you are actively looking for a bird control company, please reach out to us at 0151 541 6856.


Pest Control Liverpool Services

Bird Control Cost

The bird control cost usually varies on the below factors: –

  • Your Location
  • Bird Infestation Extent
  • How Quick You Want It

Regarding the exact pricing, you can call us at 0151 541 6856 for a free inspection. Or, you can use our online booking request form to upload the photos and describe the issue for better clarity. The booking form can help you source free quotes. So, do it now!

Bird Control FAQs

Here are some questions we get from most of our customers. If you have something in specific or want personal assistance, please call us right now at 0151 541 6856.

How can I get the Best Advice?
You can upload the pictures and forward them to us for the best advice. If you’re not convenient, please call us and explain the situation in detail.

Are spikes effective?
Spikes are said to be one of the most effective solutions for bird control. However, we’ll suggest the best option once we examine the situation.

Is there an alternative to Bird Spikes?
You can use an optical gel.

Why avoid optical gel?
Although the optical gel can be used as a substitute for Bird spikes, it’s still not preferred. The Optical gel is not as effective and is usually a short term solution.

How to prevent seagulls from sitting on my roof?
You can call us at 0151 541 6856 and get a bird wire installed to prevent gulls from landing.

How Can I Book Your Service?
With our booking request form. Pest Control Liverpool Services offers an Online Booking Request Form for you to fill in necessary details and book our services.

Do You Offer Free Quotes?

Why are birds still building nests on the spikes?
It’s because the bird might have been staying there for a long time. For small birds, spikes might not be useful. So, you can call us and get the bird net installed right away.


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Pest Control Liverpool Services is one of the fastest-growing pest control company in the entire Liverpool region. We deal with pests of all sorts and birds of all kinds. So, if you have different types of infestations, this is indeed the best place for you.

What are your benefits of Choosing Us?

You’ll Save Money: We work to provide solutions to the residents of Liverpool and not just to earn money. We being a growing company, offer very competitive prices to our customers. So, you can book our services without the fear of being overcharged.

You’ll Get Efficient & Affordable Service: Our Company is licensed, and professionals are trained to deal with pest control. So, you can expect an effective and efficient solution.

Numerous other benefits are waiting for you. So, call us on 0151 541 6856 and let’s protect your property!

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